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Why Honour Life with Ceremony?

We have many moments in our life whereby change occurs, or can occur which can provide a greater sense of achievement if we mark it.

Rites of passage are these moments.

The rites within our lives are physical changes, and life goal achievements.

Such as birth, coming of age, starting menstruation, leaving school or university, achieving in work, menopause, marriage, having a baby, or becoming parents through other ways, aging and becoming wiser in life through our experiences, and of course death.

All are rites that when marked with ceremony can bring a greater sense of empowerment, achievement.

If these moment go by without the marking of them through a gathering or ceremony of some kind then the sense of achievement isn't as noticed, it goes by like brushing your teeth does each day.

Common rites our ancestors have marked are the coming of age rites. For people identifying a women this has been birth, menarche, marriage, menopause, and becoming an elder, a crone. For people identifying as men, birth, coming of age, marriage, becoming a parent, and honouring of wisdom through becoming an elder.

Rites of passage can change us even more so if we honour them. Imagine your timeline in life if you hadn't honoured anything. Now imagine your timeline of you honour these moments.

You can do nothing. Or you can do something.

Ceremony brings together community, and with community a greater sense of self, support, stability, and knowing our place in the world.

Wallace Black Elk in Black Elk speaks says when we moved from round houses into square houses we lost our connection to the earth, nature, and our sense of self. Our children lost their rites of passage. He believed rites of passage were important to creating a sense of self, stability within, connection, through knowing your role within your community (community meaning all of life).

So why honour yourself in ceremony? Because why would you just let time pass you by and not honour your life in this beautiful world we live in. You are important.


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