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What is a doula?

Doula is an old Greek word meaning 'women who support women'.  

The modern role of the doula appeared in the 1970's in America when it was realised how medical birth had become, interventions were on the increase. Women lacked much needed emotional an spiritual support.  The word doula was then coined for the role of the support person giving emotional and spiritual support to a woman in labour.  

Doula's provide continous emotional, physical, and spiritual support throughout your pregnancy, birth and in the early days as you adjust to becoming parents.  Doulas do not have medical training but work alongside the midwife, as a team ensuring your experience is as positive and empowering for you as it can be.  Doulas hold space for you, ensuring the environment you birth in is the best it can be. 


Having a doula present at your birth can help to reduce medical intervention, reduce the risk of cesarean birth. Doula's can help increase natural birth, home birth, breast feeding.  


 As earth, the birthing person is a literal material being experiencing the most powerful physiologic process of their body

This ceremony is not only a rite of passage for the birthing person but for the one being born.  As with many rites of passage there is a challenge that must be overcome.   In the birthing person the challenges they face can often be witness in the shear physicality and emotional surrender to the process.  For the person being born it is hidden from view yet it is in parallel with that of the birthing person in that the baby must enter into the unknown and participate actively. 

'Birth is a Ceremony' T'Karima Ticital,PhD

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Doula Support Offerings

'If a woman doesnt look like a goddess in labour, someone isnt treating her right'

Ina May Gaskin

♡ Birth Doula Support Package ♡

My fee is £2000, it covers my costs to ensure I am there for you whenever you need me until your baby is six weeks old.  If you prefer less hours or just birth support and one visit then do feel able to get into touch and we can discuss prices.


I currently always work with other doulas, offering shared support or as back up during the time i am on call for your birth just in case I am unwell or unable to support your birth for any reason, having a back up doula or shared support will ensure you are well supported.


The cost of this offer includes:

  • Emotional, spiritual, and physical support during your pregnancy, birth and in the early days. 

  • At least four antenatal visits. These can include; writing birth wishes, rebozo techniques, birth preparation / support of the birth preparation of your choice, Meditations/ drum journey, shamanic healing and shamanic birth preparation, nature based mindfulness birth preparation,  birth fear session, or a simple coffee or walk and chat out.   Two of these sessions will be with the second doula so you can meet and get to know them too.

  • Options for borrowing my books, DVDs, and other materials.

  •  Phone ,email, what's app contact when you need it.

  •  I will go on call for you from two weeks before your earliest guess dates, and until you have your baby. 

  •  Six postpartum visits in the first forty days.  This will include a birth debrief.  Plus feeding support, a listening ear, postpartum healing, and any light tasks to help you ease into motherhood gently.

  •  I also offer homeopathy, and herbal teas if you like to use them, I have foundation level training in both fields. (see my training in 'My Doula Journey' Page) 

  • I am a celebrant and offer ceremony facilitation too, so you can have a mothers blessing and support with placenta burial too, or a baby blessing included.

This is your package and will be suited to your needs and wishes.  As your doula I will do my best to be as intuitive as I can to your needs and wishes throughout our journey together. 



♡ One Off Sessions ♡

In person, at your home, in clinic or online via skype
My fee is £35 an hour.  

If you book an appointment with Eva at the Anahata Clinic this is £85 for 1.5 hours.

If you feel you may want extra support through your pregnancy or afterwards but do not want full birth support from a doula then this option is for you. 

These one off sessions can include:

- Birth plan writing,

- Birth preparation support,

- Spinning babies session,

- Birth fear chat,

- Postnatal Planning

- Feeding support (although I am only a peer supporter), 

- Postnatal birth debrief, 

- Postnatal healing,

- Postnatal support at home or a listening ear.

- Shamanic Healing, Journey work. 

- Baby loss support.

I am adaptable, open and willing to creating  a session to suit your needs and wishes..  

♡ Fourth Trimester and Beyond Offering ♡

£35 per hour 

'It take s a village to raise a child, it takes a village to support that childs parent

Ann Douglas - author.

 I also offer doula support within your first year postpartum. 

The first year with your baby is beautiful and we grow as much as our children in many ways but in our society it isnt always easy and many of us lack the support of our 'village'.

I aim to provide support that suits you.  I can provide a listening ear, support around the home, feeding support, I can hold your baby so you can sleep or shower, I can offer sign posting to relevent organisations/ health care practitioners if needed.  I can help you to feel empowered in your own instincts and intuition as a parent.   I also offer postpartum nurturing healing sessions. 


Brighton, UK

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