~ Eva Bay Greenslade ~ 

♡ Birth and Postnatal Doula,

♡ Sacred Feminine Celebrant,

♡ Shamanic Practitioner

♡ Mentor

Welcome to my website, where you will find information on my services: 

☽ Doula Support.     ** I am back working with more options than shared support from August this year!** So if your baby is due from August onwards do get in touch.

☽ Celebrant Services and Sacred Feminine Ceremonies.

☽ Shamanic Healing and Sacred Drum Practitioner services.

☽ Sacred Pregnancy Circles and Women's Drum Circles and workshops.

☽ Plus my blog.

Etsy Shop for meditations, journeys, Birth Affirmation Cards, My book.

☽ My first book is out too!!!  ☽☽ 'Pregnancy by The Moon' ☽☽  You can buy it here, or on my Etsy page.

☽ I also have an online course coming really soon.  Shamanic Preparation for Pregnancy and Birth!  Contact me for more details!

☽ For Sacred Drumming Practitioner Training Courses pop to www.sacreddrumming.co.uk

☽To watch a little video on double sided drum take a look here


I am pretty adaptable...feel free to ask about a service and ill see what I can do to support you. 

I am very passionate about the support I offer as a doula, and helping women through important rites of passage in life.   I really feel my experience in life has all lead me to this path of working as a birth keeper and supporting women. 

I hope my passion shines through these pages.

Love Eva




Do feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions on any of the services I offer.   You will find my contact details at the bottom of this page. 


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Brighton, UK

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