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My Doula Journey 

'Be the change you wish to see in the world''



Within this page you can read a little about my journey to becoming a doula.  If you get to the end of that I have added my trainings and CPD. then following that articles and podcasts I have written or been interviewed with. 

Blessed be. 




A little about me, I am a mum of four, two grown up babies and two still growing.  I am a Doula, a Doula Mentor with Doula and Conscious Birthing, a Shamanic Practitioner and natured based rites of passage Celebrant.


Within my Doula path I am passionate about supporting parents feel empowered, informed and positive about their birth choices and experiences.  I feel my aim is that every woman will look back on her birth and have no regrets, feel that she did all she could and feel positive about her experience.  I am also passionate about encouraging parents to think about their fourth trimester, and creating an easier positive supportive experience for parents and baby that is best for their needs. 


Ever since i had my first baby i knew i wanted to somehow help other parents.  I knew i wanted to be a doula after attending my sisters home birth.  My niece Nixie's birth was the most amazing experience to be a part of, it helped that the midwife suggested I become a doula without knowing my thoughts on walking the doula path.


I have often felt I wanted to be a midwife (or a herbalist) but obstacles often got in the way. By being a doula I can have the best of both worlds, and provide continuity of support throughout pregnancy, birth and in the early days which being a mum of four myself, and with my work back ground in palliative care and HIV support I feel is very important.  Especially in today's very busy society where most of us don't have the support of family and friends that we need due to the demands of life.


I have undergone Breastfeeding / Feeding volunteer Peer Support Training and spent time  volunteering  on the postnatal ward and in the community. I have also breast fed all my babies long term so understand fully the stresses, strains and loveliness breast feeding brings.


I am patient and naturally caring and empathetic, I worked in a caring supportive role, as an auxiliary nurse and case worker for 13 years in the community, within palliative care and with people living with HIV. I feel my experiences in work and my personal life all benefit my role as doula as I have gained vital skills through supporting patients that help me understand people and their own stories, and I understand fully the role of becoming a mother for the first and fourth times and how different each time can be.


I also have interests in herbal medicine, being surrounded by nature, spending time with my family, spirituality, I am also a huge book worm when I can be.  

You will see I have a huge interest in how spirituality can aid pregnancy and birth preparation, because it is what empowered me with my own births, and I see it help others too, and whilst I lean towards shamanic and nature pathway approaches, I have seen these deep connections throughout many religious paths,supporting different families with different religious beliefs.  I always come back to feeling that good birth preparation is doing anything positive that aids your trust and belief in your body and yourself. 


As your doula I will support you and your family in doing what is right for you, during your pregnancy and birth,  to help enable you a positive birth experience, I will also provide important post natal nurture and support. It will all depend on what you want and need. I do have a passion in using meditation, in pregnancy and labour to help you connect to your experience more, as I found it helped me during the births of my own children.   I find meditation can help you to let go and be in the zone allowing your body to do its job creating a more empowering experience. I also feel meditation in pregnancy helps you connect with your changing body and the new life growing within you, which I feel has a possible effect on trusting your body and baby when it comes to birth as well as being able to be in ‘the zone’ naturally to birth instinctively.


Being a doula is an absolute honour. If you are interested in meeting up or have any questions I will look forward to meeting you.

If you read this far, thank you.

Blessings, Eva. x

CPD days and Training 

  • Breast Feeding Peer Support Training, with Sussex Community NHS Trust, 2009, retaken in 2014.

  • College of Phytotherapy, Herbal Medicine foundation. 2003.

  • Introduction to Homeopathy, 6 week training at Brighton Sure Start Centre, 2010.

  • Homeopathy for Pregnancy and Birth, an introductory course, 2017.

  • Conscious Birth Doula Training, April 2016.

  • Rebozo and Closing The Bones, May 2016

  • Closing The Bones – with Developing Doulas, May 2017

  • Water Birth Study Day – with Dianne Garland, January 2016

  • Time to heal, supporting women after assisted conception, NHS, September 2016

  • Infant Feeding with Maureen Michen, June 2016

  • Birth Story Healing with Rachel Weber , May 2016

  • Reframing Birth Midwifery Conference, July 2017

  • Spinning Babies,  July 2017

  • Microbirth, September 2017

  • NLP for Birth Professionals with Mark Harris, November 2017

  • Aromatherapy For BSUH Maternity Services, for Midwives, Student Midwives and Doulas, March 2018

  • Sacred Drum Practitioner Training - self adapted for Pregnancy and Birth, two year training, 2017 – 2018 - teacher training - 2019 - current.

  • Red Tent Doulas Advanced Training, 2018.

  • Order Of Bards and Druids, School of Celebrants, 2017 - 2018.

  • Postpartum healing with Rocio Alarcon, Ethnobotanist and Curandera from Ecuador, Nov 2018, May 2019, October 2020, October 2021.

  • Anthropology - short Oxford University course. (to aid my research into birth traditions). 

  • Astrology 2019 - to aid my support for my clients around working with the moon. 

  • 'Healing' in the Andes in Ecuador with Curandera and Ethnobotanist Rocio Alarcon on her family land.  Feb 2020.

  • Midwifery Workshops Online for one year 2020- 2021- The Art of Birth with Mexican Midwife Naoli Vinaver.

  • Helpers Mentoring Society Workshops Online, (Rites of Passage, Fire Ceremony,  Gratitude) with Sal Gencarelle.

  • The Way of the Seabhean with Amantha Murphy - Ongoing shamanic training from 2021.

  • Biomechanics for birth. spring 2022.

Podcasts Interviews and Articles 

In Bed with a Druid Podcast with Gary and Ruthie Colcombe

The Way of the Womb Podcast with Bec Wallis

'Birth Companions feel the Meghan effect' 

Interview with The Argus, Kay Rice, Senior reporter
Tuesday 19th March 2019

Articles written by Eva - I love writing articles!

'Is Orgasmic Birth Possible?' by Eva Bay Greenslade

The Badass Birthworker, A Magazine for Birth Pro's.  Issue 1, July/ August 2019

The Doula Magazine  articles include;  

Teenage Parenting

Closing the Bones 

Bridging the Gap between Doula and Midwife

The Celebrant Magazine 

Article on Mothers Blessings - Publication April 2022

Articles Including Eva's Services written by clients

The Green Parent Magazine  

' The Long Hello' by Tula Howarth
Issue: August / September 2018

The Ceremony and Healing Of 'Closing The Bones'. by Harriet. 

Still Standing Magazine.  A Magazine for all who are grieving child loss and infertility. Issue: October 30, 2019.

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