Two Day Drum Making Workshop in Cornwall - 5th and 6th December - see below for the link!

Workshops, Circles, Courses and Events

Women's Drum and Chant Circles

Monthly circles held in Brighton.  A fun Circle of connection.  No singing or drum experience needed (i'm no singer or musician!)

These will resume in 2021!

Pregnancy Circles

Sacred Pregnancy Circles with Gemma Harvey are currently on hold due to restrictions. 

Shamanic Birth Preparation Pregnancy Circles are running once a month in a different location outdoors drawing on the elements and power of nature as a mindful practise to aid your pregnancy preparation through opening your intuition, feeling your instincts and allowing your trust in nature to grow.

Shamanic Pregnancy within the Sacred Directions 

A days workshop within the beautiful mother earth energies of Avebury stone circle.  You will connect to your pregnancy on a deeper level, exploring the spiritual dimensions within your pregnancy, within the safety of the medicine wheel.  Twice yearly.

Drum Birthing Workshop

This is a suggested two day workshop, I guide double sided healing drum making.  These drums have places in many traditions world wide and are beautiful for sound healing.


Two Day Drum Making - 5th and 6th December 2020 at The Lizard, Cornwall, https://www.facebook.com/events/326449945282234/

Placenta Honouring and Amniotic Membrane Drum  honouring - 30th October 2020 in Seaford, sussex. https://www.facebook.com/events/1198233493894810

Drum birthing can be great for pregnancy and birth preparation.  You can read my blog https://www.sacredmotherhoodjourneys.com/single-post/2020/05/25/Birthing-a-Drum-as-Part-of-your-Birth-Preparation-can-be-an-Empowering-Experiencehttps://www.sacredmotherhoodjourneys.com/single-post/2020/05/25/Birthing-a-Drum-as-Part-of-your-Birth-Preparation-can-be-an-Empowering-Experience


Sacred Drum Practitioner Training; If you feel a calling to explore Drum, the Medicine Wheel, and work with healing through drum do pop over the www.sacreddrumming.co.uk  website to find out about the yearly training I am a part of teaching. 

'It is Sacred Drumming that truly changed my life and brought my passions, beliefs, way of life, life experiences, and work together to help others.  I owe much to my teachers - Steven and Renata, and my drum family' - Eva