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Time and Space holding for Birth.

The heel stone marks the place of summer solstice. This photo was a few hours after sunrise in april but the sun is almost wrapped around it in this photo.

When this photo popped up in my memories on facebook reminding me of a beautiful ceremony there a few years ago it also reminded me of my role as a doula or birthkeeper.

As birth doulas or birth keepers our role is not to do anything, its of being, and reminding our clients to just be, to trust, and slow time like the stone beings too. Maybe that sounds strange to you, but think about it, time is important in birth, it cant be rushed but can give opportunity for space and deep connection.

Birth keepers are a sturdy ever present space holder, bringing positive solid empowering continued support, like this stone.

We have no agenda we trust the deep ancient wisdom of your body, the ancestral wisdom in each of your cells, from thousands of years of evolution.

The deep knowing your body has for bringing the gift of life into the world.

This stone reminds me that with slowing time, which birth has the perfect ability to do (and anyone who know the birth space will know how time changes). Time or rather the lack of time, will aid your birth unfolding and can give you space for empowered connected and insights into your body and babys birth as it unfolds.

The beautiful heel stone. These were my recent reflections.

What do you think of from spending a moment with this heel stones presence?

*photo taken by me following a @sacreddrummingmedicinepath ceremony at Stonehenge.


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