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A poem: A birthkeepers letter too Bridget, a goddess of birth.

Watch me read it here:

Or read it in your own time:

Dear Bridget,

Goddess of healing, goddess of service, goddess of birth.

Gratitude to you for the power, and strength, gifting women self worth.

To birth our babies takes so much work.

Trust, surrender, and not feel a block.

Be in touch with our instinct, intuition.

Be in our heart, not our head, not feel inhibition.

Bridget you guide the birthkeeper in holding the space,

In trusting the process, being that constant face.

A face the birthing parent sees when they reach hard walls.

Thank you bridget for being there when we call.

To me as a doula, women are powerful, strong, inspiring in birth,

Whichever path they choose, we need them to feel their fucking self worth.

Vaginal birth, caesarean, home, forceps, in water, in a yurt, on the earth.

Each woman is incredible, they've got what it takes to fucking give birth.

It's a challenge, a journey, birthing women meet themselves, raw!

It's hard, yet its beautiful, a miracle, im always in deep awe.

I see birth is a journey, rite of passage, goddess gift.

The journey is ours, alone to take, we touch the veil, kiss death.

Our souls inside must shift.

We open ourselves to birth babies earthside:

Spiritually, emotionally, vaginally, we open bloody wide!

Becoming safe arms to hold our baby when they arrive.

The pains wain, the hormones flow, oxytocin strives.

The birthing parent swam through inner wisdom, touched fucking hell,

Met the goddess, brought their baby back, they returned from the veil.

Not only a baby was birthed, but shedding of self occured.

An empowered parent with new perspectives to see the world has emerged.

Birthing people are powerful, amazing, each and every human!

Bridget thank you for guiding us, healing when we ask, and being that fire gifting patron!

Thank you Bridget for your selfless service, to young and old.

Please feel my gratitude as birthkeepers serve you and you serve our world.


Photo: the rolling South Downs at Wilmington that hold the Long Man, a chalk giant. The place I meet a lovely group of druid friends for ceremony through the year. I took this photo at Imbolc this year. A ceremony in honour of Bridget and Imbolc.

You can read my story about Bridget I wrote last year for a Imbolc ceremony here

If you are a parent expecting a baby wishing to connect more with deities you can join my online course Shamanic Preparation for Birth

If you are a doula / birth keeper - I have a course beginning in autumn this year to deepen your practise in supporting parents. Send me an email to find out more about it.

Beautiful blessings of Imbolc.

May the light fill your womb with passion.

Eva xx


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