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What to Expect after your Soul Retrieval - a note by Simon Heather

What to Expect after Your Soul Retrieval – Guidance for Clients.

by Simon Heather, College of Sound Healing leading Tutor and college founder.

Soul Retieval by Azurae Windwalker

This is a guide for clients after a treatment written by my tutor Simon Heather.

When lost soul parts return to you there will be a period of integration. This period of integration generally lasts for two to three weeks after your healing. During this time you may experience old emotions coming up to be released. You may also experience a range of physical symptoms.

When the lost soul parts return to you, you will need time to process the emotions that were not dealt with at the time of the trauma. These emotions may suddenly arise with no warning leaving you feeling upset, angry or agitated for no apparent reason. Things that other people do may provoke an unexpected reaction in you.

It is probably good to warn family members that this might happen so they are prepared for emotional outbursts.

You may also experience vivid dreams during the integration period. It is helpful to write down your dreams and your feelings in a journal. This will help you to understand your healing process.

After a soul retrieval session you may also have strong physical sensations in your body. You may ache all over or have flu like symptoms. You may also feel tired or experience nausea. When old emotions are released they often come out of the body in the form of physical symptoms.

After the Session

Drink plenty of water, this will help the body to de-toxify

Rest as much as you can

Walk for at least half an hour a day to move your energy

Keep a journal

Listen to your heart/inner voice

Wait 24 hours before talking to other people about your soul retrieval experience. This is because the soul retrieval is often felt most strongly in the 24 hours after your session. Since soul retrieval doesn’t translate easily into words, talking about it or analysing the experience can dissipate the positive energy you have received.

Following your soul retrieval, you may experience the return of soul parts coming back on their own, now that the process has been activated.

By understanding what causes soul loss, there is an opportunity for you to establish stronger energetic boundaries. It is good not to give away your power, no matter how deeply you love someone.

You can also set your intention to release any soul parts of other people that you may be holding. When you release those parts you improve your energetic relationship to the people whose soul parts you held.

This is a link to research by Sandra Ingerman, a Shaman who has practised soul retrievals for many years. Sandra shows how the aura can be seen before and after the soul retrieval. Its quite incredible.

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