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Meditation with Demeter this Full moon

January 10th 2020.  This full moon is in cancer, and has a partial eclipse at 19.10 visible from the uk, creating a dark shadow over the moon.  

I wrote a meditation for a client this week, as I often now write ideas drawing on the moon and astrological influences each month to help deepen birth preparation through finding a deeper connection to natures cycles and wisdom as I have learned our ancestors would have.  

This week i learned of a new planet within astrology that I hadn't noticed or learned of before, Ceres, also known as Demeter, mother of Persephone in the Greek myths and controller of the seasons due to her emotions over her daughter being kept for 6 months in the underworld with Hades. 

Ceres is within pisces this full moon, a deep spiritual influence, and one of deep water and emotion, more so as she is deep in the peak her sorrow for the loss of her daughter, nature doesn't is winter.

I'd like to suggest honouring Demeter this full moon. 

Demeter is the controller of the seasons, half the year she weeps deeply for her daughter who was taken to the underworld by Hades and therefore due to Demeter's sadness each year nothing grows. The other half of the year when Persephone, her daughter is free from Hades, Demeter is overjoyed and summer arrives, everything becomes fertile and all of nature in full bloom.  

Demeter is currently in the dark half of her emotion.

It is also a harder time of year for most of us, which is why I felt drawn to write this blog.

It is winter in the UK, sunlight isn't as strong, the nights are long. Many parents, and people in general i speak to feel tired, are prone to suffer anxiety, and depression on many scales.  

During the following meditation I suggest you ask Demeter a question. While as I said Demeter is in a darker time of year in her sorrow, i dont mean for your mefitation to be of sorrow but enlightening and helpful as you meet a strong mother energy.  Where there is dark there is light. Demeter daughter does return. Demeter is also a mothet to many other children she birthed.

If you are a mother reading this you may wish to ask her guidance about your own situation? 

Or you may wish to just be with her. 

If you do ask a question wait for the answer, it may come as a feeling, a thought, a vision, a gift in your hand, or in a dream later.  Or perhaps it'll come in the days that follow. Don't feel dismayed if you feel nothing. 

Before you start, offer Demeter a gift from yourself, and leave it outside by the back door. I usually leave a strand of hair as it is a part of me but isn’t bloodletting, and still comes from me as a personal gift, but you can leave fruit, ideally berries or pomegranate. Meditation

'Light a candle, set your sacred space, ask for protection, love and integrity. Then take 13 deep breaths, noticing your breaths and allowing each one to send you deeper. 

"Begin walking down a path, you walk through a gate, and close the gate behind you. 

You continue down the next path, and eventually come to a clearing, a grove of trees. 

 Within the grove of trees is a fire, and beside the fire you see a woman tending it. She looks up and sees you. She invites you to sit beside her on a soft comfortable chair which she has provided for you. She introduces herself as Demeter. Demeter knows who you are.  

Demeter invites you to ask her any question. When you ask your question, allow time for the answer to come. 

( It could come as a feeling, a thought, a gift in your hand, a word in your ear, or simply a knowing.)  When you feel it is time to leave, give Demeter your gratitude, and start to walk back the way you came up the path, through the gate closing it behind you. Back into the room where you are sitting physically"

Take a drink of water to ground yourself afterwards, blow out the candle giving your thanks again, sending the light off as healing, and close your sacred space. 

Take a moment to write you reflections from the meditation.  Often as yiu wrote you might feel more words or feelings flowing through you from Demeter still or you might remember more from your meditation. Plus it's good to look back on your writing and reflect. 

Blessed Be 


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