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Reflection on Trusting in the Goddess within your Path for Work and Life.

I suddenly felt inspired to write these reflections following deep reflections from recent weeks and through learning from clients I work with.  

Where I am finding my own trust in life and my work through my spiritualty, i hope it inspires others to trust in their path too, particularly birth workers and mama's bringing in new lives to the world.  

It is amazing how when you invite the goddess into your life she really shows up, and the different ways and different aspects she shows herself can be so unexpected.

Over the past three years that I have been a doula I have learned to trust more and more.   I first opened my eyes and heart to the goddess at a WWAG (Women, Witch and Goddess) camp in my fourth pregnancy, she showed herself as aspects of Bridget,  then two years later beside her stood Freya as I stepped into myself more as a doula, then Hera spoke as I supported different nationalities and different more intense births.  Cerrydwyn emerged with my neices birth, and with reflections in my soul of honouring my own truth with exploring cultural appropriation in the birth world,  but also within my own spirituality as a Pagan..... now recently Kali Ma walked through my door.  Kali didn't knock she just entered and stands there, strong, present and powerful, I'm am unsure why. She is very present with a mama I'm currently working with, and has entered my world through my client in a strong way although I have had glimpses of her in the past year. I wonder what she'll show through all that she brings. It's certainly not an easy journey with Kali on board but she brings huge deep changes which strangely have been occurring in my work life and personal life, whether I want them or not. 

Not only do these energies affect my life, but looking back I see effects with each of my birthing clients within these energies too. 

The more you trust your life path, the easier opportunities seem to arise but not without hardship and difficulties. Life is not meant to be easy, it is a human rite of passage in itself. Birth is also a rite of passage for both mother and baby, and therefore not meant to be easy. 

Rites of passage help us to peel away parts of ourselves like an onion, to self reflect deeply and emerge a more empowered person and with a deeper connection to ourselves, our spirit within.  Trusting in a universal power, whether it be a goddess, god, your ancestors, and your own spiritual intuition gives other facets and dimensions to helping our rites of passage and life become easier.  

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