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13th Rite of The Womb

I had the honour of receiving the deep wisdom of The '13th Rite of the Womb' from Sanita Ellis, a doula sister and shamanic practitioner in the summer of this year. 

At first it felt simple, a deep wisdom I didnt yet understand, but, I stuck with it, growing the deep connection of the rite, and gaining new insights into it's importance within our lives. 

I received the first Munay Ki rites almost two years ago, and find honouring the 13th rite of the womb with the first spiritual gifts an even deeper connection.   It has taken me months, each month honouring, acknowledging, and growing the 13th rite, but I am now beginning to really understand and really see the gifts.

You do not need to have received the Munay Ki rites to receive the 13th.

The deeper my connection to my own womb, ancient ancestors, moon cycles, earth wisdom, the more I see disconnection in the world, especially within women.  I have added myself to The Rite of The Womb website to offer this wisdom and connection to others. 

It is a free gift, from ancestors of our earth who felt it was time to share these rites, these gifts of insight and healing with the world, because the world needs to heal, as does the life living on planet earth.  

The Munay Ki are from indigenous healers from the Jungle.  I am white European I can only go with the experience I receive, and grow the rites with my own ability seeding them into my life, but I can say I firmly believe in their gifts, as much as my understanding allows, and I see the benefits after receiving and acknowledging them within my life. If you want to receive the 13th Rite of the Womb I would love to gift it's richness to you to grow and tend within yourself. 

I will look forward to sharing this gift with you. You can contact me via the links on my website.

To find a womb keeper in your area and to find out more go to this website. 

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