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Why Do I Bring Shamanic Practices into my Doula Work to Support Families?

Why do i bring shamanic practices into birth?

Because shamanism is a way of being, a way of viewing the world using all our senses. It is not in my view a religion.

We are nature, and shamanism helps us see the world through our natural eyes, with all our senses. It is the oldest way to be with our earth and ourselves. It helps us feel stable on the earth, through providing a key to self understanding. Shamanism is the oldest known way our ancestors saw the world.

When we remember to open our senses, we connect with ourselves better, we connect with our surroundings better. We form relationships with the landscape around us, and from that we learn to trust our instincts and intuition, as how can we not learn those two strengths from the natural world around us.

How does a tiny acorn know how to become a huge oak tree? Or a bird to make a nest? How does a cat know how to look after her kittens? Or a fox to dig a hole?

Why do we fear our instincts and not trust them like our animal kin?

Birth is also the biggest rite of passage in life, for the birthing parent and the baby. So to prepare with all the tools life, mother earth, gifts us, like our ancestors would have, to me is the best way to feel into birthing your baby.

Hence...i use shamanic practises. 🤰🌗🌑🌒🌿🌅🌳🌻🕸🤱

What do i use?

🌳Meetings outside, with what i can only call animistic mindfulness in nature.

🤰Drum journeys to connect with your baby and your body.

🦋 shamanic healing for rebalancing and allowing you the gift of space to heal, connect and prepare.

🌑 connecting with your bodys natural rhythms.

🌻Connectng to your ancestors and support allies.

**I have spent my adult life exploring shamanic practices, and four years now solidly exploring its uses in pregnancy and birth. I am very careful in my work. I am aware many shamanic practitioners wont work with pregnancy.**


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