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'Shamanic Preparation for Pregnancy' is now Available for Pre Order!

You can now Pre Order 'Shamanic Preparation for Pregnancy' 'to support your pregnancy!

It is low cost at just £54 for the full deal un august new moon where it will rise to £149 there after!

You can start working with it from August New Moon!

I cant wait to share this with you, after so long creating it.

You can pre order the package here!

Find out more about the course in my video link!

With your course you will also have access to a monthly zoom pregnancy circle and an option to book a 1.5 hour session with me worth £65.

First ten Participants will also receive a free copy of my book ' Pregnancy by the Moon'. worth £11.99.

'I searched for drum journeys on YouTube but they were not right. So I followed a few people on Facebook and came across Eva – Bay a Shamanic Doula. There was so much spiritual work around this pregnancy and she was wonderful. I picked her brains about traditional practices and ways to protect the space etc. I wished at the time that I lived closer to her but things are always as they are meant to be.

She did three drum journeys with me online. I was skeptical about their effectiveness at first but they were incredible experiences. Perhaps being physically alone can give you more freedom to experience your own energy. You still have a virtual guide, but that persons energy doesn’t interfere with your own. I would follow Eva and smudge the space and call in the elements. If we were together I would have left that to her, but being alone meant I had to do it, giving it all deeper meaning. Having a steady slow drum beat to listen to whilst meditating and travelling into my womb space to meet the soul I was carrying provided a sort of bridge between worlds. It was representative of a heart beat.

Eleanor Anne’s birth was wonderful. She knew exactly what to do. I knew exactly how to trust my body. I was able to lean into my surges instead of being frightened of them and wanting to pull away. I honestly believe the work I (we) did leading up to the birth was the reason for everything going the way it did. We birthed naturally, with no pain relief, on the bedroom floor, dad caught the baby'.


Send me an email if you have any questions.

Beautiful Blessings!




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