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Poem - Birthkeepers Liminal - 'being' on call

Birthkeeper's Liminal

by Eva Greenslade

She prepares for her birthing rite,

I too, go inward, open hearted, I wait.

Prepare my family, my bags,

If needed, my drum.

The holding of sacred, a baby births,

Woman becomes a mum.

Hours, days, or weeks may go by,

You can't rush birth, we can't try.

The stillness within me grows

Web of life weaves, a fine spark sews.

New threads in our tapestry of beautiful life,

I hold her hand, as she prepares her deep dive,

Within, she dives, to reach her baby,

Empowered, in trust, I know she's so able!

I know I can hold this heart open, in strength,

My role is gatekeeper. Our ally is breath.

The journey unfurls like a beautiful fern,

It can twist, turn, in the great divine plan.

However the path unfolds for each birth,

The birth keeper stands in trust, reverence, mirth.

As I prepare and await the call,

Time slows, betwixt and between, the sacred liminal.


Sunset Image - :liminal time


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