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A little blog about Naming Ceremony

Naming Ceremonies.

Find out a little about another lovely ceremony I offer.

A naming ceremony is about honouring the person's life, strengthening their existence here on earth through calling out their name to friends, family, the land, ancestors, and spirit. It tells the spirit world the person is strong here. It can also involve blessings for the newly named person.

Some families also like linking the roots of their family through the name, honouring the family history to ground the person in life too.

It is a space to look at the support around you, many choose guide parents /god parents/or one family chose the title fairly odd guardians for children having a naming ceremony.

A naming ceremony is commonly thought of for babies and children. Not too far back in history names weren't given until babies reached one year old, because so many babies in our history, before basic hygiene and modern medicine, passed before a year. The ceremony was created to announce the name to all, seen, unseen and god, to strengthen babies survival. A christening was done in the weeks following birth to ensure the baby had a place in heaven. Naming's and Christenings were, and are different events.

Today it can also be a great way to ground self identity, following a name change as an adult, or coming out to the world with a true identity. This is beautiful and empowering for the person experiencing the ceremony.

Each ceremony is unique to the family, or the person who is honouring and strengthening their name.

When i create and officiate a ceremony, I listen to your intention, your beliefs, and create a ceremony that suits you.

My training and background is in pagan ceremony, which is a nature based spirituality. However, I am open to all walks of life as my beliefs are not yours, my experience is useful though. Its your beliefs that count in these ceremonies. You need to feel the ceremony in your being as it unfolds for you.

So, fancy learning more about naming ceremonies?

Beautiful blessings, Eva x

Mad hatter themed naming


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