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Create Your own Sigil to Empower Your Birth

Sigils are an incredibly powerful tool that can support us through many life situations, especially rites of passage.

I never used them much before i met my husband. He used them through his university work as a magical tool to help his motivation.

Together we created one during my pregnancy. It was a beautiful experience, by our garden fire pit under the new moon before our daughters birth.

It created a magical memory that helped me through my final weeks, our birth and early days with our daughter. Essentially, we created it for my transition to motherhood, and our daughters transition to earth. We drew it on my body before birth, and had it on the alter space to give us strength, and protect us both.

We asked a friend to sew it onto her blanket and a taggy toy after she was born (as seen in this photo - Jo

I think it never entered my mind to share with clients when i first became a doula because it seemed quite 'out there' unless you are on a pagan path, which most people arent. Although paganism ,and the path of witch or druid, is becoming increasingly popular, which is completely understandable with our earths crises. I am finding over the years our society is opening to the magic of this belief and how it can augment life. People are genuinely interested now, i am often asked how one can learn more, and i feel the awareness is growing because all of the paths are about honouring earth and cycles. Anyway, my husband and I sat up till the wee hours one night creating together a Sigil creating magical workshop to help expectant parents create a simple yet effective, powerful tool that can help empower and focus birthing parents through their birth experience. (Admittedly my husband is my rock behind a lot of my work, empowers me, believes in me. I can never take full credit for some of my work really as he often helps me edit my final ceremony drafts and i tap him for ideas if im stuck. The more 'shamanic' my work becomes the stronger he stands behind me).

What is a sigil? It is a magical symbol, it has a use within a psychological model of magic. Working with your mind similarly to a self fulfilling prophecy to help you manifest the intentions you want to help you through a process . In this case helping parents prepare magically for birth and guiding your subconscious on a deeper level. It is in many ways similar to the way affirmations work on our subconscious. It is a beautiful thing to create in pairs with birth partner's in preparation for birth. It is also perfect for mothers blessing ceremonies and smaller rituals. During these workshops I will explain more about sigils, about how they can help you as a form of magic through your pregnancy and birth. I will guide you through creating your own, how to use it, and provide sacred space to help you create your sigil.

I have no doubt women would have created similar techniques in times gone by. There is evidence of birth protection belts having been used up until 1600's in england, as well as astrology to plan for childbirth.  We saw examples of both in the Spellbound Exhibition in Oxford (2018).   I'd love to run these as workshops and one to one for couples.

Contact myself, Eva for more info and booking, or to be on my mailing list :

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