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Trusting our Own Path

I often find myself wondering how on earth I got to where I am, a doula, shamanic practitioner in training, and ceremony facilitator... I have to often pinch myself.

A weekend during April this year was an eye opener to that. 

I had been one of a few people in my year of Sacred Drum Practitioner Training with Steven and Renata Ash through the College of Sound Healing invited back to learn to teach the course.  I was not sure what the future would hold on this path but decided to step through that door that was being opened for me by my teacher's. 

Driving to Oxfordshire where one of the teacher training courses was I had many inner feelings of doubt saying 'what am I doing? I'm not good enough for this! I don't have the wealth of knowledge, of experience...etc etc''.   But, it was as if an invisible umbilical cord was pulling me along anyway.  I had to remove my head and self doubt and just trust this pull in my solar plexus and lower body (it's hard to describe the feeling).  I remembered also my teachers words that they trusted in me. 

As I was driving up the lane to the house in Oxfordshire where the course was running, a barn owl flew out over the hedge, ( just the same as the image of the owl in my blog), the light shone through his wings, he turned his head and looked directly at me, directly in the face, in my eyes. 

Being on a shamanic / druid path and following signs of nature as I like to do, I Iooked up a shamanic meaning for seeing a barn owl, i found it means to navigate through the dark.  Although, i had seen him in bright daylight.  So I took it as a sign learn to trust that feeling in my solar plexus I had felt that day, and know that my path was clearly in front of me if I allow my eyes to see. 

This is quite a simple story but it holds a lot of meaning. 

The moral of my story is that if you are on a path you feel passionate about, you aren't there by accident. Trust your journey, sit with it, notice the signs in front of you. If it is right for you, for your life then new opportunities and enquiries will come your way.  You'll see your path ahead will unfold naturally.  So do begin to trust, notice the signs around you, listen to your intuition.  Believe in yourself. 

Who am I to write all this? A person like you, with self doubt, with fears, with passion, but I am learning to trust the universe too.  

Aho - Blessings /|\

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