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'Birthing Parent's Blessing' Ceremony (Mother's Blessing, Blessingway)

What is a Mothers Blessing Ceremony?

I rarely take photos at ceremonies because they are sacred to me, so this is a rare mothers blessing photo of me creating my sisters flower crown with flowers from all of her friends and family, and being painted with a bear image, as bears meant a lot to my sister during this pregnancy. Taken 2016

A mothers blessing or as it should be named in today's society '

birthing parent's' blessing ceremony, is so much nicer than a baby shower in my view. A baby shower is a bit of fun for the mum and a few presents for the baby, it could be desrcibed as a last get togther with friends to celebrate the on coming birth of the baby. A parent's blessing is deeper, it is held in a sacred space, it focuses on support, prayers/ blessings, empowerment, spiritual support, and support from friends, family, and elder's who have given birth come to show their support to the expectant parent. It is about preparing the parent for birting their baby in a deeper way. It is a space in which the birthing parent can say their deepest prayers to enable an empowered birth.

Birth is a rite of passage of for a new soul entering the world, or reentering into a new life, and a rite of passage for the birthing parent to becoming a parent. When you see birth as a ceremony, and a rite of passage, birth takes on a new deeper feeling. All birth's, hospital, home, vaginal, assisted, ceasarean birth are all transformational for every birthing parent. Birth changes you. It isnt meant to be easy, just as no other rite of passage in life is easy. Birth isnt just bringing a new baby into the world it is birthing new parents too.

I read a native american view that said birth is a foundation for preparating the parent giving birth for parenthood. The tribe prepare the parent for birth in ceremonies, and she gives birth alone within this tradition. Birth is said to be the foundation for parenthood, if you can get through birth feeling empowered you can do anything and you can raise a child.

Within many cultures these ceremonies can take place through pregnancy, to offer prayer for and to protect the pregnancy.

In my experience and feeling because our lives in the western world are so busy, birthing parent blessing ceremonies are best within the final moon cycle of pregnancy, a time the expectant parents begin to focus fully on birth. My feeling on having a ceremony like this so close to birth is that it allows the birthing parent recent stronger memories of the support, prayers and strength from around her to carry her through her birth journey feeling empowered and not feeling alone.

Each mothers blessing I have attended and created has been different becasue each parent is different and different ideas and different ways for faciliating the ideas work for different people but the basics at the core of creating the blessing ceremony the same. Some women want a deeper spiritual experience, others a lighter gathering with a spiritual supportive essence.

A beautiful yurt space I have hired for mothers blessing ceremonies.

I believe the majority of cultures around the world have had a ceremony similar to a mothers / parents blessing, because birth is such a big experience in life, a rite of passage to motherhood, and was until recently a potentially fatal experience too. To come through the experience and survive into the first month post birth was a special place to get to, a gift from mother earth.

There are references to the blessings in Caroline Hillyers work.

This song, 'First Blessing' is one I found in Caroline Hillyers beautiful book Sacred House.

''So I left the warm fields of my own maiden hood and I followed the course of my restless years I came to the place where my mothering stood and this is the daughter that I found there; she's the raw and the rhythm of all that I feel the promise of grace newly born she's the mystery of love in its wild poetry my mirror and I am her door she is my mirror and I am her door''

Perhaps take a moment to read that again....

If you want to create a mothers blessing there is so much information now on the internet.

One tradition to look to is Navajo, there are plenty of ideas on the internet to draw from. The Navajo call this ceremony a Mother's Blessingway, however we cannot coin the word Blessingway from Navajo culture here unless we have roots within it. I believe as western British women we can draw on our own inner wisdom to create the ceremony that feels right for us. Our ancestors would have no doubt hekd ceremonies like these! A prayer belt has been found and was displayed in the Ashmolean museum in Oxford.

As a celebrant I find that as I work with each expectant parent, the ideas that flow can be so individual and specific for the support the birthing parent needs. To create individual ceremonies that suit a mothers own desires, wishes, needs and combat her fears is an intuitive process. I weave in known ideas with ideas, ideas I have learnt from teachers, and inspiration that comes as i am writing the ceremony. Plus as with all ceremonies it is the love. prayers and support friends and family bring that make the ceremony what it is.