Testimonials from some of wonderful families I have had the honour of supporting as their doula.

Eva was born to do this work. She is calm, kind and very experienced.

Tracy Clack, Midwife

Eva is a phenomenal woman whose love and knowledge filter through to her work as a doula. Eva was there whenever we needed her in the later stages of my pregnancy and was continually checking in with us to make sure we were doing well and to see if we needed her in any way. She was loving and caring and this only increased in maginitude and intensity during our labour.
We were in labour on and off over 6 days and nights, mostly at night time into the early hours, and Eva was there through all of it. It was an emotionally difficult time for me, as I had never contemplated that my labour might stop for hours and then start up again, then stop for a couple of days and start again at another point; I had always thought that once labour came that would be it and I'd have my baby imminently. The suspense of not knowing how long it would be until labour started again, and if this would be the final time it stopped and started was incredibly depressing, let alone exhausting - but emotionally she held my hand through it. She also brought beautiful teas that she made and snacks for us in labour, which made such a difference. She must have been exhausted with little sleep and through helping us, but every time labour started up again she would arrive and weave her magic and intuitive support.
Eva was everything I needed her to be at every point I needed her, without me needing to ask for it. In fact, in the end I would have preferred if it had just been me, Eva and my partner at the birth - no midwife! That's how much I trusted Eva with the process of labour and birth. She was a strong force for us to rely on too when it came to working with the midwives who didn't always have the same views as us in terms of what to do next and how to do it.
She made me feel special and powerful during labour through her affirmations and real talk. I literally and emotionally lent on her during my birth, and my birth process was moulded into what it was as a result of her presence.
I will always remember how much love I felt when the midwife examined me the final time I went into labour and told us I was 7/8cm dilated(after being at 4cm the rest of the labour); I don't remember exactly what she said but Eva(who was already holding my hand as I lent over the sofa working through the surges) exclaimed "well done!" or something similar and kissed me on the forehead. It made me feel so capable!
Thank you Eva! You blessed us and Björn with your presence, and I'm so happy he got to come into the world with you there. Love always, Tula, Zak and Björn.

Tula, Zak and Bjorn 2017

Myself and my partner choose Eva to be our doula for our first baby because she had such great energy. She was compassionate, sensitive and empathic whilst having a reassuring self-confidence. We had planned a home birth but ended up in hospital as I needed to be induced. Eva came as soon as we asked and stayed till we were confident to be 'parents' on our own (6am...). Our birth was challenging- as I guess all are, and Eva's calm, positive and knowledgeable presence made all the difference to how we managed our emotions during the more difficult moments. She also advocated for me, believing I was ready to push when the hospital staff were unconvinced (turned out I was 10 cm dilated). It really helped myself and my partner to know we had Eva in our corner. After the birth, I had to be on a drip as I was losing too much blood- Eva stayed with me, talking to me till the morning, helping me breastfeed, getting me drinks and alerting the hospital staff if necessary whilst my husband caught a much needed hour of sleep.
In the lead up to the birth, Eva was an amazing emotional and educational support, she lent us books and equipment, researched into any topic I asked about and used tools to help prepare us for the birth. She even set up a backup doula in case there was a problem on the day.
After the birth, she has also been such an integral support, always on the end of the phone or an email and has visited us weekly- allying our new parent concerns and advising on breatfeeding, sleep and all things baby. Eva was such a vital part of our childs birth, we paid homage to her in the naming of her child. If we have any more children- i definitely want Eva to doula for us if she can.

Layla 2016

We were SO lucky to have Eva as our Doula. I'd had two stressful births and was determined to have a different experience with the third. I got in touch with quite a few doulas through DOULA UK and really loved Eva's email response to me.
Eva came to see me at my house weekly for around a month before my due date, she'd arrive every time with new and interesting pregnancy/birth goodies for me - books, research, amazing tea, as well as all her fantastic ideas, knowledge, joy and sparkle! As well as personal visits she would call or text me throughout the weeks too - I felt incredibly supported and calm about the forthcoming birth.
I developed pre-eclampsia and had a c-section at very short notice! Eva was by my side within an hour of calling her and the most incredible support for both me and my hubby. The hospital staff were very happy to have her there too. I was quite ill for a while and Eva stayed with me, came back the next day and the next despite having her own family commitments. When I got home, she came the very same day to continue her amazing support with breastfeeding and also did the washing up and hung up our washing - wonderful!
Eva did so many other thoughtful, beautiful and amazing things that made the whole experience gorgeous. I can't recommend her highly enough. My hubby was just so impressed and grateful too. We LOVE EVA and will count her as part of the family forever more x x x

Lucy Johns 2016

'I was isolated for my birth, as my family aren’t in the uk, I felt immediately comfortable with Eva. During labour she explained everything to me, she comforted me when I was in pain and stayed with me for several hours after the birth. Eva made a book about what happened in my birth, and took a video and photo’s after my baby was born''. 

When I got pregnant with our second baby, I knew that I had to prepare as best as I could in order to achieve a VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section). I wanted a positive natural birth experience this time.

Building a strong team around us was essential for me and my husband. Eva joined us in this amazing journey. She visited us several times, brought her books, shared valuable advice and discussed a birth plan with us. She lent us her birthing pool and helped my husband to set it up. 

Labour was long and difficult. Eva joined us when we asked her to come over. Our plan was to have a home birth or at least stay at home for as long as possible. Eva stayed with us for almost 24 consecutive hours! Her calm attitude, gentle figure and positive presence made a huge difference and provided reassurance to me and my husband. Even when the midwives found out that our son’s head was not coming straight and we had to transfer to the hospital, Eva came with us. She was there when the doctors proposed intrusive methods to deliver our baby, which we didn’t like. And eventually she stood beside me when the midwives tried a non-intrusive method to help me birth our son naturally. It was our last chance and thankfully it was successful!

Eva has provided so much help and positive emotional support. We are grateful to her and certainly recommend her as a doula. 

Thank you Eva! Love, Melina, Chris, Antonis, Nikolas.

Melina, Chris, Antonis and Nikolas 2018

Over the course of my pregnancy Eva has given me several drum journey sessions which have allowed for deeper connection to my baby and relaxation into this pregnancy than I experienced before. Eva is so skilled at holding space and has a beautifully strong intuition to know where someone is at and has guided me on this path so lovingly. Eva also created and held the most beautiful Mothers Blessings for me on a glorious day in the downs she led my most beloved women in chants, water blessing and circle for me. It was up there with my wedding day and is something I will always remember. I came away from it feeling deeply held, supported and loved. Ready to face whatever the Birth labyrinth might have in store for me and connected to my circle of women for all that Motherhood is about to throw at me. Evas gentle and powerful presence has held me through it all and I think any families supported by her are blessed indeed. ❤

Lucy Baena 2019

I did the Full 10 moons package and Eva supported me from the start of my pregnancy all the way to postpartum. She kept me in touch with my pregnancy and aware of the cycles of the moon throughout with her regular new and full moon guidance and shamanic drumming meditations. I had a difficult pregnancy and her spiritual and energetic support provided the space and guidance I needed to help me manage my emotions and physical exhaustion. I really enjoyed the mothers blessing ceremony where I created birth art which later became an important focal point for my labour. She was always reliable and on hand for if I had any questions or needed resources. Its also great that she works closely alongside another doula so that you always have support should Eva be unavailable last minute for any reason. I had a wonderful home birth and I particularly LOVED the postpartum support and feel that my healing has been greatly facilitated by it. We finished our wonderful time together with an Earthing Ceremony for my newborn son.

Tammy Stefani Mittell 2019

Eva has been me and my partner doula this year. I asked her if she could also help me trough pregnancy as a new she is also a healer and a very mindful soul. Eva has endless resources! From personal knowledge, Life experience, Drum healing, Meditation, Creativity, Knowledge of herbs and Natural healing ways... so if you are looking for someone to has the full package Eva is the right Soul! She help us is so many ways and she was always available, kind and gentle. You could feel how much she loves what she does, and her magical basket is full of magic! <3 Thank you Eva for all the support and love you gave us, me, Marcus and Eden Emrys are very grateful! We wish you all the best on your beautiful doula journey to help and assist many and many more souls 

Maria Pareo 2018



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