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Sacred Drumming and Ceremony for Birthkeepers: 
Practitioner Training 


Birth is the archetypal rite of passage for a woman, containing the essential elements of any ritual: separation from normal life, a profound transition during which the participants occupy a timeless time, followed by re-entry into society in a changed state. It can also be seen as a holy sacrament; the entry of a soul from another plan into this earthly dimension. Birth has always been, and still is, a momentous event, attended by great hopes as well as genuine risks, and one in which people call on a variety of powers for support and protection…

…such a calling in of the spirit is still possible today, whether the birth is at home in a candle-lit pool, or by Caesarean in a brightly lit hospital…

Jackie Singer - Birthrites



Sacred Drumming and Ceremony for Birthkeepers Practitioner Training, is a training that guides you in supporting your birthing family clients in a deeper way drawing upon the shamanic gifts within, and the gifts of mother earth, through ceremony, shamanic journeys, energy work, and grounding ritual.

As a doula, you are a gatekeeper, a space holder. The birth keeping path opens many doulas to more than the physical nature of birth. Which is probably why you are interested this course. You will be working with your clients in supporting them through their birth as the rite of passage it is for them.

This course aims to help you feel into that space holding doulas do in a deeper way, seeing beyond the physical yet with your feet firmly on the earth.

This is a course for experienced/recognised birth keepers. It will be just over a year, and include mentoring through shamanic practices and ceremony, so you can include this as part of your support offerings to birthing families.


Venue: Laughton Lodge, Sussex.

An outline and dates:


23 - 24th Sept 2023

4 and 5th November 2023

20/21 january 2024

9-10 March 2024

2- 3 November 2024



Weekend one - 23 - 24 Sept 23- will be about opening and holding space. Self connection, earth spirituality, and self care.

Weekend two - 4 - 5 Nov 23 - will be supporting your clients antenatally in shamanic preparation of birth. Sacred drumming for antenatal support.

Weekend three - 20 - 21 Jan 24 - seeing birth as a rite of passage, and ceremony. Drumming through birth.

Weekend four - 9 - 10 March 24 - supporting postnatally, and ceremonies for the birthing year.

Final weekend. 2 - 3 November 24.

The second part of the year will be mentoring you through offering ceremony, antenatal drum journey, space holding with drum, drumming through birth.


At the end of the year the final weekend will be to recap any questions, and hold a ceremony in recognition of your training completion.

You'll be certified by a registered body for insurance and professional care for yourself and your clients.

This course has been a long time coming, I will really look forward to opening the doors with you to the shamanic path for birth keeping.

For more information on the course, to book, and to view the curriculum, send an email to

What students say:

I had been looking for a shamanic mentor for some time and when I found Eva I knew instantly that she was the right mentor for me. I love how Eva gently and intuitively works with the families she supports as a doula whilst weaving her skills as a shamanic practitioner with her wisdom of birth. As a mentor Eva has generously shared her deep wisdom of ceremony, ritual and birth whilst guiding and encouraging me to incorporate this not only into my work as a doula, but also my day to day life. Since working with Eva, my work has opened up in ways I didn't expect and I am now confidently walking the path I had always hoped to. Working with Eva really has been life changing for me and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet her.

Jo Kidman 

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