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Making the most of Beltane in Lockdown

A little blog not all relevant to my website but I have woven aspects for all. I have had a few enquiries recently from friends and folk asking what they can do for Beltane, at home with children, as a doula for clients, or around their pregnancy? So I thought id write this blog as I am noticing a bigger than ever interest in nature religions/ paths/ beliefs. Maybe its just within the doula world, but it seems not to be. Its brilliant as I believe it is what we need to help our earth. We need to put our earth first, it is the only way forward. Beltane is my favourite weekend of the year we usually go to various outdoor events to celebrate different aspects of this time of year, the wick

A Simple New Moon Ritual for Expectant and New Parents

It is the New Moon coming up this week, moving through Taurus. This brings with it stronger earthly influences. Taurus can help you reflect on your material world, your finances and comforts. You could take some time to sit and reflect, to write down how you are feeling, and what you could do to be more comfortable materially and financially at the moment within your life, and within your pregnancy. Is everything in your world how you would like it to be? For many of us these areas of life, during this time of isolation, don't allow us many options for change, but perhaps Taurus will open a space for you to create a clearer a path of reflection for these areas of your life? I don't want

Birth During Covid 19

What a strange time this is. As a doula I am finding it very hard not to be able to support my clients in person, and getting use to this new temporary 'normal' of support via phone, video call and whats app. I have put this blog together of websites, courses, contact ideas, with a bit of my ramblings. What I feel I am seeing through this experience is some very empowered self informed mums, who are faced with decisions they wouldn't normally face, feeling through these decisions and experiences with incredible strength. I am so honoured to be where I am standing, and it makes me feel proud to be human to witness our true inner wisdom coming forth. Inner wisdom we have relied upon since




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