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What to Expect after your Soul Retrieval - a note by Simon Heather

What to Expect after Your Soul Retrieval – Guidance for Clients. by Simon Heather, College of Sound Healing leading Tutor and college founder. This is a guide for clients after a treatment written by my tutor Simon Heather. When lost soul parts return to you there will be a period of integration. This period of integration generally lasts for two to three weeks after your healing. During this time you may experience old emotions coming up to be released. You may also experience a range of physical symptoms. When the lost soul parts return to you, you will need time to process the emotions that were not dealt with at the time of the trauma. These emotions may suddenly arise with no warning le

Healing in Ecuador

My soul yearned to stay in the beautiful paradise of Ecuador and learn more with Rocio, yet my heart needed to return to my family. Learning from Dr Rocio Alarcon, Curendera and Ethnobotanist, on her home soil in the Andes in Ecuador was just incredible. I have so much to digest. We experienced ritual, ceremony, healing with hummingbirds, master plants, ate fresh foods, incredible fruits, bought intensely aromatic herbs at the fruit stalls. We had the honour of holding ceremonies and planting beautiful flowers and trees on Rocios ancestral land she happened to sign papers for while we were there. Land Rocio will turn into a hummingbird healing centre and sanctuary. We had the honour of me




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