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Low Cost Shamanic Healing and Closings at the Anahata Centre ❤

My low cost sessions at the Anahata Centre in Brighton ... ❤ Plus a little of my shamanic path to this point ❤ What am I offering at the Anahata Centre? Through the Anahata Centre I offer Shamanic Healing, which can involve, Soul Retrieval, Energy Clearing, Shamanic Drum Healing, Journey work. I also offer Shamanic Postnatal Healing with a Rebozo scarf. I work intuitively, often using my drum as my tool and guide. Postnatal healing is a traditional ritual treatment for after birth, or following baby loss, drawing on healing techniques I have learned through Rocio Alarcon, Curandera from Ecuador. I use a traditional Rebozo scarf to wrap your hips, and I work around your hips using shamanic

My Postnatal Doula Passion

Postnatal doulaing admittedly has been a doula role, or rather, a doula passion that has grown on me in the past two years. Empowering mums to enjoy birth is my deepest passion and is what led me to becoming a doula, I love birth! I loved my own births, and I always loved supporting other parents through birth. I use to feel awkward as a postnatal doula, I often never felt i was doing enough with my clients. I rarely took on postnatal jobs on their own for this reason too. Plus I am not good at cooking for one,  and I felt in the beginning cooking was important with being a postnatal doula! (Despite being told by my postnatal mentor it wasnt, i didnt listen). My postnatal passion has grown s

My Favourite Empowering Parenting Poem

This beautiful poem has got me through so many situations as a parent. On occasion when things feel tough this is my go to poem. It reminds me my children are on their own path and I am a supporting guide.  I encourage every parent to keep a copy for reference. Reading it again today after an inspiring walk with my middle two children I thought I'd share it here. On Children Kahlil Gibran Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself. They come through you but not from you, And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts, For they have their own thoughts. You may house their bodi

A Simple Homebirth - my second baby.

I was 22 when I had my son, he was my second pregnancy, planned and i was pregnant within two weeks of the thought of deciding to give my five year old daughter a sibling. My pregnancy was smooth, although we moved three weeks before his birth from a supportive shared house with friends to our own house. But we had it unpacked and decorated ready for the week he was due. It always amazes me how expectant families can move this late on. It's like a strong inner drive for nesting on the extreme level. So many of my clients as a doula have moved late on in their pregnancy. I was gifted a book by a friend, a battered copy of Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin.  I read it cover to cover and ag

Ancestor Connection for Birth Prep 💜 /l\

These words by Sarah Tawai are so true. Your ancestors are always behind you and always willing to help.  You may not believe but there is no harm in asking.  You can ask for divine guidance from your ancestors and your God or gods too.  It all helps in my experience and works so well. I was with a lady a few years ago who was alone, she was African Muslim in belief and ancestry, a single expectant mum, staying in a refuge, also living with genital circumcision. We had met a couple of times before her birth, one was an interview, the second time we went for coffee and walked through the laines in Brighton discussing her birth ideas, life ideas, and how I could best support her. I found the b

Honouring Birth - Creating a Drum with Amniotic Membrane?

**These sacred drums have all been birthed with honour and respect 💜 As a doula, and sacred drum practitioner i had often wondered early on in my learning if our ancestors may have honoured the membranes of childbirth by creating a drum.   These membranes, like the placenta are sacred and i know are honoured in so many cultures. It's sacred knowledge and ideas, sacred knowledge is always for all to share. Amniotic membranes, I have noticed with making these drums, have never lasted covering a drum frame for more than 5 days. They aren't created for outside the body in the earths atmosphere, they become brittle and break. I have found that covering them with an another skin protects the prec

Meditation with Demeter this Full moon

January 10th 2020.  This full moon is in cancer, and has a partial eclipse at 19.10 visible from the uk, creating a dark shadow over the moon. I wrote a meditation for a client this week, as I often now write ideas drawing on the moon and astrological influences each month to help deepen birth preparation through finding a deeper connection to natures cycles and wisdom as I have learned our ancestors would have. This week i learned of a new planet within astrology that I hadn't noticed or learned of before, Ceres, also known as Demeter, mother of Persephone in the Greek myths and controller of the seasons due to her emotions over her daughter being kept for 6 months in the underworld with H




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