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World Aids Day 1st December! Educating yourself is the best thing you can do to help beat the stigma

It is World Aids Day this weekend.  Every year it takes place on 1st December.  Most people dont pay attention because it hasn't affected them. I have worked within the HIV world for almost ten years as a Client Support Worker and Case worker at the Sussex Beacon, a charity that provides specialist care and support for people living with HIV. I still work there alongside my self employed work, I now do shifts on the ten bed inpatient unit. Being World Aids Day, I thought I'd gather some information together about HIV and pregnancy, because how many of us really understand HIV? Do you know you can't catch it from silly things like toilet seats? which was a ridiculous rumour I remember from sc

Why Our Babies Don't Like Being Put Down?

(My niece, husband and mum) I wondered this when my eldest daughter was a baby 22 years ago, and have pondered on this thought with every baby I have raised. My theory is that we haven't evolved significantly in thousands of years. Our babies don't know they are born into a modern nuclear family, with a modern busy lifestyle, where support isn't as it was for our ancestors. Our babies aren't born evolved with this knowledge. Our babies today are still born with the same instincts as our ancestors. We likely feed more at night as that was when our ancestors would have perhaps been safest, because they were settling down, huddled together, protected by fire and safety of numbers. By day




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