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Create Your own Sigil to Empower Your Birth

My husband and I were discussing recently the use and power of Sigils as a magical and psychological tool. He was full of enthusiasm as he has created them recently to aid his motivation for his studies. He lives with autistic spectrum disorder and can find normal routine and motivation hard, for him Sigils work. During our discussion I remembered with deep love our own sigil we created during my pregnancy, by our garden fire pit under the new moon before our daughters birth, and I realised I had never suggested or shared this incredible tool with my clients! Despite it being a magical memory that helped me through my final weeks, our birth and early days with our daughter. Essentially,

Trusting our Own Path

I often find myself wondering how on earth I got to where I am, a doula, shamanic practitioner in training, and ceremony facilitator... I have to often pinch myself. A weekend during April this year was an eye opener to that. I had been one of a few people in my year of Sacred Drum Practitioner Training with Steven and Renata Ash through the College of Sound Healing invited back to learn to teach the course.  I was not sure what the future would hold on this path but decided to step through that door that was being opened for me by my teacher's. Driving to Oxfordshire where one of the teacher training courses was I had many inner feelings of doubt saying 'what am I doing? I'm not good enough




Eva Bay Greenslade


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