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Honouring Our Land, Honouring Culture.

I have recently had experiences that left me feeling unsettled about spiritual cultural and intellectual appropriation and reflecting deeply on what aspects are ok or not to draw on as they aren't from our lands or rooted in our recent culture.  This blog has sat for a few months with me unsure of posting it but found it yesterday after writing another blog and had a feeling to update it and post it authentically. I am aware much of our culture and lives is via appropriation of some kind at some point throughout history and I understand it has its place and is incredible at times.  Especially in today's modern fragmented society. I have been intensely reflecting on the importance of honourin

Reflection on Trusting in the Goddess within your Path for Work and Life.

I suddenly felt inspired to write these reflections following deep reflections from recent weeks and through learning from clients I work with. Where I am finding my own trust in life and my work through my spiritualty, i hope it inspires others to trust in their path too, particularly birth workers and mama's bringing in new lives to the world. It is amazing how when you invite the goddess into your life she really shows up, and the different ways and different aspects she shows herself can be so unexpected. Over the past three years that I have been a doula I have learned to trust more and more.   I first opened my eyes and heart to the goddess at a WWAG (Women, Witch and Goddess) camp in




Eva Bay Greenslade


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