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Maga, Enchantress, Autumn Queen...Embracing The Gifts of Life.

Maiden, mother, crone, the triple goddess, three facets of the view of a woman's path through life, often through a pagan perspective. Maiden,the spring of a woman's life, is the phase of a girl from around 10 or puberty to perhaps 21 or older. Mother, summer of a woman's life, is the phase of bountiful child bearing years, responsibility, creativity, being at the height of the prime of life. Crone, winter of a womans life, was perhaps seen as the phase from menopause, however we live longer now and many women view Crone from 65 + So another phase has more recently began to grow within the long space between mother and crone... Maga, Autumn Queen or Enchantress, the autumn of a woman's life.

Imbolc Reflections and Changes

Imbolc Blessings! As the cold dark days are here, mid winter really peaks, seeds are stirring under ground, under a blanket of snow, snowdrops appear, and Brighid blesses the land as she passes by in the air.  It creates such a good time for making changes and creating new beginnings as the wheel of the year turns. If you want to use this time for making changes, if you are reading this and you are pregnant there may be changes you wish to make before your baby arrives.  It is a perfect time for creating new beginnings just as the seeds quicken in the earth. Imbolc provides quiet space for reflections, even if you have nothing to change for your pregnancy journey or year ahead. I had the hon




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