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'Closing The Bones' ; Reflections on a rediscovered much needed ritual in the western world.

'Closing the bones' is a western term, a title which i believe is taken from the Morrocan word for a healing postpartum healing ceremony for mothers that takes place following the birth of a baby.   It is a traditional healing practice with variations from Mexico, Ecuador, Morocco, Hong Kong and I am certain many other parts of the world where indigenous traditional midwifery is practised, and it seems has roots in most places where shawls are still worn as traditional dress (that sounds simple but its a common theme it seems). I was first introduced to the ideas of closing the bones via fellow doulas offering training who had trained with Rocio Alarcon, a midwife from Ecuador.  I also atten

'Birthing Parent's Blessing' Ceremony (Mother's Blessing, Blessingway)

What is a Mothers Blessing Ceremony? A mothers blessing or as it should be named in today's society ' birthing parent's' blessing ceremony, is so much nicer than a baby shower in my view. A baby shower is a bit of fun for the mum and a few presents for the baby, it could be desrcibed as a last get togther with friends to celebrate the on coming birth of the baby. A parent's blessing is deeper, it is held in a sacred space, it focuses on support, prayers/ blessings, empowerment, spiritual support, and support from friends, family, and elder's who have given birth come to show their support to the expectant parent. It is about preparing the parent for birting their baby in a deeper way. I




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