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What is a Doula?

Pop over to Baby todd and beyond to read a little blog i wrote called 'What is a Doula?'.   While you are there read many other articles there relating to pregnancy, birth, babies and beyond by other local business and talented crafts people. Babytodd and Beyond also run baby fairs in Sussex so it's worth following them. http://www.babytodd.co.uk/single-post/2018/08/27/What-is-a-Doula

13th Rite of The Womb

I had the honour of receiving the deep wisdom of The '13th Rite of the Womb' from Sanita Ellis, a doula sister and shamanic practitioner in the summer of this year. 13th Rite of The Womb, Munay Ki (You Tube insight) At first it felt simple, a deep wisdom I didnt yet understand, but, I stuck with it, growing the deep connection of the rite, and gaining new insights into it's importance within our lives. I received the first Munay Ki rites almost two years ago, and find honouring the 13th rite of the womb with the first spiritual gifts an even deeper connection.   It has taken me months, each month honouring, acknowledging, and growing the 13th rite, but I am now beginning to really understand

Book Review; Birth and Breastfeeding by Michel Odent.

Book Review By Eva Greenslade Birth and Breastfeeding. Rediscovering the needs of women during pregnancy and childbirth. By Michel Odent. I chose this book because I knew very little of Michel Odent’s work but what I had read I found really interesting and I connected deeply. I find when reading this book that it isn’t every body’s school of thought in modern western society, as it covers many topics we do not all practice and as parents or medical staff are not often taught by the professions around us. Although Michel says he likes to research and look into differing perspectives he clearly has strong views that come across which in his mind are the only way forward to help humanity go for




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