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Western Perception of the Placenta, Lost and Remembered

''The placenta, a piece of waste after birth, an organ that filters blood and nourishes our babies, it has no value, people in our society feel it is gross, it is horrible to look at ... and to consider eating it?… well that’s even worse … ! '' That is how many of us view it, and this was me too 20 and 15 years ago when I had my eldest two babies. It seems a common school of thought society on the whole has created over the past few hundred years. We are so far removed from nature and sentience in so many ways...and being so far removed from birth and our natural instinct towards how we manage our placentas is possibly due to our lack of education and our lack of exposure to birth as childre

A Simple Beautiful Umbilical Cord Tie Ritual

Creating a tie for your baby provides a lovely opportunity for you to sit peacefully and relax focusing on your baby as well as creating a beautiful tie for your baby to wear. It is especially nice to create during the last weeks of pregnancy. Ties are a very old tradition used in many countries including the uk before the use of the modern clamp to stop bleeding after the cord is cut or burned. To create the tie in a deeper ritual you may wish to choose a moon phase that you feel linked with and create the tie on that day. I would suggest the new moon phase of the luner cycle before your baby's due time. This new moon will imbue it with the moons new energies, and a magic for the new next




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